Her-Story Spotlight: Wendy Magee



This month on the Her-Story Spotlight, we are featuring author and speaker Wendy Magee.  Wendy is the author of the book “And She Called Him Lord,” a road map to making sound and Godly choices in marriage.  Wendy also recently launched her ministry entitled “Speak UP” with the purpose to lift up marriages through edification and empowerment through the goal of establishing divorce proof marriages.  Wendy Magee was born and raised in Port Arthur, TX and moved to New Orleans in 2007 through the now 10-year marriage to husband David Magee, Jr.  and is the mother of two children, Kaleb and Kyrie.  As Wendy and I sat down, we delved into what God’s purpose for her ministry is and how it all got started.

 Why did you become an entrepreneur?

“God gave me the revelation about the order of family and I wrote my first book. I didn’t intend to start a ministry, but I believe it’s a need that has to be filled. “

How long have you been in business? 

I’ve been in business since January of 2016.

What inspired you write the book “And She Called Him Lord?”

“Going to Franklin Avenue Baptist church marriage ministry, there was a couple there that did a poem and at the end of the poem, the wife told her husband she would call him Lord.  Initially, my husband asked me would I call him Lord and I told him no, but then not even a month later the Lord began to reveal to me the purpose of family, the purpose of what it meant when Sarah called her husband lord, and it brought me to an understanding of how God ordered the family.”

When you wrote the “And She Called Him Lord,” what were your initial intentions for it?

“My intentions were and still are to create an atmosphere where people that are married or desire to be married can create this divorce proof marriage.  Even people in the church are getting divorced and they are not understanding that if you have the order and your foundation is solid, that God will sustain you in anything. When that order is lost and the woman thinks she is the foundation or roles are reversed, then it leads to cracked foundations, which in essence leads to divorces.  So, that’s my intention to really just give people the revelation of what God has given me.  Not necessary to become this famous author.  You know, if happens by way of that, great…exciting, but it’s really to get the message out and to restore marriages.”

How long did it take you to write your book?

“My book took actually 4 months to write and publishing took 6 months.”

What assisted you in writing the book and what fed you to keep writing?

“The book is not long.  It’s 7 chapters and 77 pages.  I journaled a lot.  I kept my journal with me all the time for when I heard a word or someone speak about marriage. I did a lot of research. I used a lot of my own testimony, my own life experience about my marriage.  I was very open to allow people to see that I was married this long and hey, I didn’t get it right.  I also used people that I knew like friends and family who actually would read every chapter and they were my sounding board.  They would tell me if I needed to research or change something so that really helped as well.”


How did the ministry “Speak Up” come about?

“In wiring the book, this year God really put into me a ministry.  That’s where Speak Up came from, which is lifting up marriages through edification and empowerment.  It’s just really going around speaking to not only people in the church, but women, men, single people, just giving the essence of the foundation and that’s really the whole essence of speak up.  Creating this understanding where people are like ‘No, commitment is commitment.  We’re in it.  Were married. We are committed to each other.’  Even through dating, you’re practicing divorce by dating a bunch of people rather than courting. Your intentions are to get married and it starts from the beginning.”

What made you decide to re-brand yourself this year?

“Right now, a lot of people don’t like to read and I know that.  To get people to get more interested, I think creating interesting shirts and re-branding the whole look would help.  I think if they hear a little about what the book is about they may be more interested in what the entire message.  Reading has been lost. It’s just something about that written word.   I’d like to get people back to reading. It’s something about writing things down. I’d like for people to discover why the subject of submission bothers them and get down to the root of it. Something creative to get people back to reading.”

 What makes your brand different?

“When I do research, and look around, I don’t see anyone teaching on submission.  The heart of what god gave me is submission.  God commanded us to be submissive, not only to your husband but to Him.  People don’t want to talk about submission.  Submission is not a bad word.”

What are your goals for your business?

“I see me really just going and doing conferences, speaking engagements, panels, and going around teaching the workbook that’s coming up.  Eventually God has put in me some different books and it’s all driven around family and really focusing on family and never losing sight of what God initially gave to me about the family because it was the first order that God set up and I don’t want that to be lost.  So, in the future I do see more books and some creative t-shirts, continue to write blogs about marriage and relationships and guiding people on how to have proper relationships.”

What mistakes have you made while being in business that you wish you could take back?

“Moving too fast and not really researching the people who I get involved with.  God has really been pumping into me to slow down with making decisions and do my research before I enter in a contract with anybody.  I think that’s the biggest thing for me.  I’ve really lost out on money and God will redeem it.  I knew I was ignorant in that and people were trying to get over, so I knew that God would never allow me to lose out when I was trying.  I would just tell people that even if they have messed up, to go back and look at what happened and slow down, research the people.  Ask other people that have dealt with them about these people first. Get their honest feedback before signing a contract and make sure you read the contract from top to bottom and get an understanding before you enter it.  That is my biggest mistake.”

What piece of advice would you have given yourself prior to starting your business?

“Do a lot of research before launching to make sure you have the right tools, connections, and knowledge.”

How has your faith attributed to your journey as an entrepreneur?

“Faith in God’s direction and wisdom continue to guide me. God is the one who gave me the revelation so I continue to see him out for direction.”

It was a pleasure sitting down with Wendy to hear her story about her ministry and to be able to follow her as her business grows to reach the masses.  If you are in the New Orleans area, you can catch Wendy as a key note speaker and even purchase a book or t-shirt at the Women Mean Business Expo today, August 6th located at the Algiers Auditorium from 1 p. m.- 5 p. m.

Follow Wendy and her ministry:


Facebook: authorwendymagee

Twitter: wendymagee

Instagram: wlmagee07




Tuesday Topic: Self-Image

Tuesday Topic (4)

Someone told me I was beautiful today.  She said there was something about my smile and the way that I articulated myself when I spoke.  She told me I am bold and full of confidence. She told me that I was enough because God was enough.  She told me that I was created in God’s image and that the likeness of Him that I carried seemed to light up the room.   She told me that my freckles danced with every smile.  I smiled on the outside, but on the inside, my head hung down in disbelief because I did not feel like those words held any truth.  As I looked to the eyes staring back at me in my broken mirror, all I could do was smile at the girl who handed out compliments in the form of bright yellow and hot pink sticky notes.  I put on my red lipstick, filled in my untamed brows and walked with her words whistling in my ears.  With each step, I became that person she spoke so highly of.

“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” – Genesis 1:27

This month on the “Tuesday Topic,” we’re discussing self-image.  A lot of us walk around like we are so full of confidence, but on the inside we see an image of a person we do not want identify with.  So many women are in competition with one another to the point that they are actually tearing themselves down.  They cover up behind pounds of makeup, extensions, and fancy clothes and create this outer shell of manufactured self-acceptance.

Sticky Notes

At one point in my life, I literally depended on sticky notes to get me through the day.  I posted these notes with scriptures, affirmations, and words of encouragement all over my house, my car, and my purse.  I would find these notes stuck to my children and crumpled up or torn in random places.  I’d dust each one off, unfold them and place them back in their designated place.

Yep, I was broken.  So much so, that I felt that a few sticky notes would literally keep me together.  I truly broke out of that place in my life one day when I realized that my encouragement was within.  God did not create me in broken pieces but he created me as this whole person with a whole purpose.  He created me in the likeness of His own image which is an honor.  I got tired of piecing myself together and acting as if everything was fine while not really dealing with how I felt about myself.

You are okay!

I’m saying all of this to say that we must be able to get to this place in our lives as women where our smile is purely a smile and the words “I’m okay” are just that, not two words masking an inner scream.  When we look ourselves in the mirror, we must be able to look at ourselves the way that God sees us.  In love, grace, and compassion.  It took me to fall a few times and literally lose some hair to realize that I absolutely love this woman I see in the mirror.    I realized that I was hand crafted by my created and what I might have seen as a flaw was His imperfect perfection.   I’ve literally just gotten to the point where I can go out in public without filling in my eyebrows.  Yes, that is a true accomplishment for me.  I’ve learned to embrace my insecurities over time and turn them into what I love the most about myself.  Many women deal with issues of self-image on a regular basis and it’s not an easy hill to climb.

“Before I knew you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you.  I ordained you a prophet to nations.” – Jeremiah 1:5

While dealing with my own issues on how I saw myself, I realized that I needed to make sure that my daughters did not have the slightest opportunity to feel the same way I did.  I’ve learned to not only speak life over myself, but over them and to them as well.  This world outside of our household can be an ugly place and we must make sure that our daughters are equipped for what’s out there.  My daughters know that they are beautiful both inside and out and that they are intelligent and loved.  We write each other love notes and whisper compliments in each other’s ears.  We play dress up and makeup artist and have a “girl’s night out” every weekend.  They know that they are the most beautiful girls in my world.  They know that they are capable of doing all things.

My shadows saved me

I watch how my oldest wants to be like me.  She dresses like me and follows my every step.  These girls are part of the reason why I love myself so much more.  They see me in a light that I would not normally see myself in.  They are my shadows and follow my every move.  They encourage me and find beauty in my flaws whether I’m “dolled up” or dressed down.  Who knew a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old could teach me so much about myself?

What do you see when you look at your reflection in the mirror.  What is your perception of yourself.  How can you change that perception? What do you do to encourage yourself each day?   Let’s talk about it in the comments.



Favored Freauxs Prayer Challenge

prayer challenge

“I call on you, my God for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.”

– Psalm 17:6

The Lord laid it on my heart not too long ago to start a prayer challenge to encourage others to recondition their prayer lives as well as my own.  To be honest, I was nervous and confused.  I grew up thinking that in order to begin a ministry or to pray for others you have to be someone of a high status or a certain level of authority in the church.  Not so.  God has a purpose for EVERYONE.  If He has called you, answer the call. There is greatness inside of you no matter your position.  When I started Favored Freauxs, my initial prayer was to be a vessel for the Lord and allow Him to use me as He sees fit despite my downfalls.  As He begins to use me, it excites me more than words can explain.

So he said to Him, “O my Lord, how can I save Israel? Indeed my clan is the weakest in Manasseh, and I am the least in my father’s house.”  And the Lord said to him, “Surely I will be with you, and you shall defeat the Midianites as one man.”

-Judges 6:15-16

During this challenge, I’d like us to turn the mirror around and work on ourselves.  This walk with God is personal.  It’s not about your attendance every Sunday at church  or how many bible verses you have memorized.  This walk is about your personal relationship with Him.  It’s about how we live our lives outside of those four walls.  We have to make ourselves accountable for our own souls.  There’s no plus one for where we’re trying to go.  I’d like us to use this challenge to allow God to take over completely.  Lets give Him full access holding nothing back.  Allow Him to create in us a new creature, a clean heart, and fill us with His undying love, grace, and mercy.

When it comes to my prayer life, I personally feel like I can  do better in this area.  Not only that, but the way I pray needs to change.  I desire to have a prayer life that does not cease.  I also have the desire to not only pray continuously but to pray in the spirit….yes, there is a difference.  I desire to intercede for others.  My life is not perfect and neither am I.  I want to continue to learn to forgive others and forgive myself for the things of the past.

What are your desires for yourself spiritually?  What are you believing God for in your life?  Are you dealing with hurt, pain, unforgiveness, sin, or bitterness?  Do you have health issues that seem unbearable?  Are you battling with depression, suicidal thoughts, lust?  Have you lost a loved one and feel alone?  PRAY! Cry out to the Lord.  Cast ALL of your cares on Him, not just a few.  Leave your problems and issues with Him.  Don’t take them back.  Empty yourself in the Lord and allow Him to do great works in your life.  My prayer for you all is that He softens hardened hearts, comforts hurting souls, and brings you out of darkness and into His light.  I pray that this challenge  changes lives for the better.

Prayer Challenge Guidelines:

  • The prayer challenge will last for a total of 30 days beginning on June 1st and ending on June 30th.
  • You should see a prompt once you visit this site to enter your name and email address to join the challenge.  If you haven’t already done so, please do.
  • Once you sign up for the challenge, you will receive an email each day with a prompt to guide you through your 30 day prayer challenge. Each day will be on a different topic.
  • You have the option of writing down your prayer or just speaking it aloud.  Writing down your prayers will allow you to return to them in the future to reflect on your spiritual growth.
  • If you would like to share your prayer with me you are more than welcome to do so.  You can also share on social media using the hashtag #favoredprayerchallenge.  These are only options.  You are not obligated to do so.

That’s it.  It’s simple.  I’ll check in throughout the month to see how things are going.  We’re in this together.  Lets lift each other up in prayer during this time and watch God do wonders.




Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hello Freauxs!

My name is Erin and I thought I would start off by introducing myself to tell you a little bit about what is to come on my first blog ever!  

I decided to create a faith based brand that praises all things natural hair and empowers women and girls alike in all aspects of life.  I want to lift up other women  and let them know that their crown is beautiful and does not define them.  They are gorgeous inside and out despite what they are going through or what their flaws may be.  I have two little freauxs myself and I want them to know their worth and their potential.  Favored Freauxs represents us women walking in the favor of God.  We queens are royalty and are capable of doing all things through Christ who strengthens us.

I’m so excited to finally be doing this.  I’m going to be transparent and say that I’m also a little nervous to pour out a little piece of me in this blog.  My blog will include a little bit of everything for everyone.  I’ll be providing inspiration, how to overcome the daily struggles of natural hair, mom life, DIYs, and much more!  So stay tuned as my little seed blooms over time.

Have a grreat week!



A Favored Freaux