Closed doors are not denied blessings.

Be glad when you don’t get exactly what you prayed for at the moment you ask for it. When God closes a door in your life, just know that he has something so much greater in store for you. For as many doors as He shuts, there are just as many windows and even roof... Continue Reading →


Can I get a “do over?”

  Last month I was talking about letting go and letting God, but now, we're in month two of this twelve month game and I'll be honest with you and say that I was not ready for 2018.  The struggle was too real for me.  At first, I beat myself up about not sticking to... Continue Reading →

Let Go. Let God.

  Can you believe it’s been 365 days already?  The year 2017 has finally come to its close and we’re gearing up for another year of God’s grace. While everyone else is on social media repeating “I’m cutting everyone off…” and “New year, new me…,” I’m saying, “Let go, let God!”  Let go of those... Continue Reading →


Social Anxiety During the Holidays

    "Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." -1 Peter 5:7 As the holiday season is well underway, many look forward to the exchanging of gifts and social gatherings that are associated with this time of year. It’s the time to fellowship in the company of those we love. While... Continue Reading →


Headwrap, Lipstick, & Confidence!

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you know that I love a great head wrap! Head wraps allow me to not only embrace my culture, but to also express myself through color and style which is the opposite of my extreme introvert personality. I've also been dealing with hair loss... Continue Reading →



Over time I’ve learned that constant reflection is necessary to keep me grounded.  This morning, while preparing my children for school after a long fall break, I reflected on how far God has brought me and my family.  As I think back, He’s brought us a long way in all aspects of our lives.  I... Continue Reading →


Mission Monday

So, it's Monday....most people's least favorite day of the week.  At this point, you're either laying in bed contemplating on what excuse to use in order to get out of work or you're swallowing the huge pill labeled "ADULT" and proceeding to go about your day.  As you scroll your timeline, I'm more than sure... Continue Reading →


More Than A Hashtag #ForeverDuncan

  A while back, I got the awesome opportunity to have an interview with fitness trainer, Sherrell Duncan and Grammy and Emmy-nominated musician, Alfred Duncan. Just one year ago, the Duncans literally broke the internet with their famous hashtag #ForeverDuncan.  To refresh your memory, I left a video below of the tear jerking same day... Continue Reading →


Hair Does Not Define Me

With the coming of fall, which is my favorite season of the year by the way, I decided to grow out my fade and let my curls pop again.  My main reason for chopping my hair off for the umpteenth time was because of hair loss associated with symptoms of Type One Diabetes.  I had... Continue Reading →


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